We are offering Chapter 3 to you as a free download. In Chapter 3 we ask why some schools in “hard neighborhoods”, like High Tech High in California, don’t need metal detectors, or why the RISE program in Los Angeles succeeds with fewer teachers and more counselors.The chapter suggests that a new script for schools is being written where relationships, and social-emotional connections, are the heart of learning.  In the current pandemic environment, the challenges revealed in the book are impacting teachers online and parents-as-teachers at home.


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Many K-12 teachers work under chronic stress. Research shows that a stressed out teacher passes that stress to their students. What happens when a child experiences a stressed adult? It generates fear and they shut down.


WHOLE explains what administrators, teachers, parents, and communities can do to lower stress and improve teacher-student engagement.


This book is packed with real-life examples, new research, and solutions that you can introduce to your own schools, students, and communities. WHOLE shows us how to move schools from the age of stress and insecurity to an age of true educational flourishing.



-Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration  

Understanding Trauma can ensure safety for your students/teachers and staff.  A true understanding can influence the actions you take within your buildings and the support you can provide for your students!


T3 Certification is a roadmap that begins with becoming Trauma Aware, moves to an understanding of how to be Trauma Skilled, and ultimately allows you to be proactive and responsive to your school's needs by being Trauma Ready.


This graduate program was developed by the non-profit Center for College & Career Readiness, in partnership with the University of Southern California Rossier School of Education and the City University of Los Angeles. It will feature web-based sessions in an informal interview format. Plus, you will have All the Materials, All at Once and there will also be weekly conversation sessions.

A free resource to bring (Distance) Education & Social Emotional Learning into Rhithm


New Software Helps Small and Rural Schools Connect with Students 

Special Funding for Small & Rural Schools is Available

We know that a student’s physical, social and emotional status are critical requirements for learning.  For students returning to the classroom, stress from home may be a significant barrier to success.  For students working online, it can be hard to evaluate student needs – whether physical, social, or emotional.

A new tool offered by MeTEOR Education is connecting teachers in small and rural schools to their students.  Rhithm Software allows students to “check-in” – with key indicators including hunger, conflict, low energy, feelings of distraction, and sadness along with their positive counterparts.  Teachers are using the software as part of their daily attendance taking, allowing insight into each students’ social/emotional needs. 


MeTEOR has negotiated special small and rural school funding support for fall 2020.  If your school needs to better understand the physical, social, and emotional needs of your students, whether in class or online, connect with us, we would love to speak with you and set up a demo.

With five simple categories and  an array of custom emojis, our cutting edge, evidence-based assessment gathers vital data quickly and in a way that makes sense to today’s modern student. Students can access this assessment from a computer, tablet or mobile device. They can access it from anywhere.

Watch assessment data come in, in real-time, and keep a finger on the pulse of your classrooms. Leverage an array of filters on our intuitive dashboards to gain actionable insights and understand trends in students, in classrooms, in schools and in districts as a whole.

It’s as simple as


A. Daily, Digital Emoji Assessment

B. Effective, Automatic Activities

C. Real-Time Data and Insight for Educators

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